Inventing Razors

hitopmallhome shaving accessoriesAlthough people have been shaving for thousands of years, there are not many people that have actually invented different types of razors. The ancient Egyptians could probably be accepted as inventing the first razors but they were merely circular bronze blades, hardly considered to be called razors by modern standards. They were however razors of a sort that were used mainly to shave the heads of the wealthy.

The wealthy liked to shave their heads because the climate in ancient Egypt was similar to the climate there today, very hot and hair could become riddled with lice however, as the crude tool needed a barber to use it properly, only the wealthy could afford to have their heads shaven. Both the ancient Greeks and the ancient Romans liked to shave and have their hair cut but once again the blades were somewhat crude and so required a barber to use them properly.

Shaving perhaps became more important after the Pope in the 11th century first told all priests that they must shave regularly so as not to be mistaken as either a Jew or a Muslim and then later dictated that all Christians should not wear beards. This was a ruling that was hard for the poor to keep as still only crude blades were used and needed to be used by barbers who cost money. It was not until the 19th century that a blade would be invented that would allow a man to shave himself whilst standing in front of a mirror.

The blade invented then was a straight razor, invented by the French inventor Jean-Jacques Perret. His original straight razor however, was little more than a blade attached to a wooden handle but is still the design used for straight razors today, the only difference being that today’s straight razors allow for the blade to be folded into the wooden handle when not in use. The next razor invented was at the start of the 20th century and that invention has been attributed to King C. Gillette and was the disposable razor which remains popular to this day.

Gillette of course now is a big name in razors but there are now many other companies that also make disposable razors. Not an invention as such but certainly a step forward for shavers is the introduction of shaving clubs. These are clubs that after you pay a subscription, will provide to your door, affordable razor blades on a regular basis, affording you the opportunity to select the type of razor you want to use and be assured that you will always have that type of razor at your disposal, instead of hoping your local shop is not out of that particular type.

These clubs have become very popular throughout the world and for good reason. They provide their members with choices of razor and deliver them to their door at periods often set by the members, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring their members can always be clean shaven.